The beach comes to town with Sand in the City


This summer the beach comes to town with Sand in the City – a playful, sand-filled, interactive space exploring Sydney’s legendary beaches at the Museum of Sydney from 3 December 2016 to 23 July 2017.

Sand in the City is all about creativity, fun and imaginative play and features giant sand models of the city’s iconic coastal landscape and an alluring ‘hands-in’ augmented sandbox. Plus LEGO® certified builder Ryan McNaught has created LEGO® models of some of the coastline’s much-loved landmarks, including Bondi Pavilion and Macquarie Lighthouse.

Sand in the City is brimming with tales of beach-going, beach-loving, salty-haired Sydney-siders. Surrounding the interactive displays are stories and snapshots of Sydney’s shimmering coast and a captivating film which reveals the diversity of beach goers and the many and varied ways in which Sydney-siders identify with and experience the beach.

Visitors can create their own sandcastles or shape something impressive from a range of ready-made moulds using over 1.8 tonnes of sand, or build their own beach landmark in LEGO® using over 300,000 bricks, mini-figs, trees and more. With a pair of giant digital sandboxes, visitors can also immerse themselves in forging bays, beaches, creeks and headlands, with brilliant topographical imagery projected from above.

Sand in the City will appeal to kids and adults alike and follows the success of our recent LEGO® exhibitions Towers of Tomorrow and Sydney Harbour Icons. Designed as a family-friendly attraction, children can sculpt a sandcastle, piece together a LEGO beach shack, or wade through a fluid, digitally enhanced sand pit,” said Mark Goggin, Executive Director of Sydney Living Museums.

“Best of all, Sand in the City brings together a reverence and respect for the sea plus an opportunity to tell stories about beachside Sydney. It goes to the heart of how we live and play in Sydney – where life really is a beach!”

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