Here at Sydney Living Museums we love our food!

Sydney Living Museums' Food is a flavourful feast of stories about food and cooking. We invite you to step inside our kitchens, peek into our pantries, sit at our tables, leaf through our cookbooks, cook from our recipes and forage in our gardens to discover some fascinating food facts, revive some lost arts with ‘how to’ videos and taste forgotten flavours with recipes you can make at home. 

Eat with us! Come along to our seasonal artisan and harvest markets and Colonial Gastronomy programs or dine in our cafes, restaurants or tearooms in our heritage properties. Try some of our heirloom recipes from The Cook and the Curator blog and relish our new book, Eat your history, stories and recipes from Australian tables.  



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The Cook and the Curator

Man holding basket with woman in front of sandstone structure.
Scott Hill and Jacqui Newling at the well, Vaucluse House. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

The Cook and the Curator, brought to you by Sydney Living Museums (SLM), invites you to explore our food heritage. Each month we visit one of our extraordinary properties, introduce you to its past residents and look at what, where and how they ate. Comb through old cookery books, decipher handwritten recipes, experiment with heirloom produce, rediscover lost culinary arts, and enjoy family stories. We also show you how to blend exotic spices, whip up apple snow, make gelatine from calves’ feet (if you dare!) and lay the perfect Regency table – and this is just a portion of what’s on our menu.

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Ripe olives on small sprig with leaves.

The Cook and the Curator

An oily businessThursday 23 March 2017

Fresh mushrooms with spice box and glass bottles of sauce.

The Cook and the Curator

Let’s katchup sometimeThursday 16 March 2017

Lindsay from Fred’s Bush Tucker preparing an eel for traditional cooking at the 2016 Eel Festival at Elizabeth Farm.

The Cook and the Curator

First catch your eel…Thursday 9 March 2017

Shiny – and potentially lethal!

The Cook and the Curator

Shiny – and potentially lethal!Thursday 2 March 2017

Signature dishes

The Cook and the Curator

Signature dishesThursday 23 February 2017

Colonial Gastronomy

Woman in kitchen with produce and cooking implements.
Jacqui Newling, colonial gastronomer and author. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Colonial Gastronomy is a series of food-based programs presented by our resident gastronomer Jacqui Newling held every few months at our historic house museums. Inspired by letters, manuscript recipes, cookbooks and menus from our collections, the properties themselves or their locale, these fascinating programs are designed to revive lost arts or rediscover forgotten flavours, ingredients and culinary concepts by exploring our places. They range from ‘talk, tour and taste’ experiences or hands-on workshops to masterclasses with artisan producers and more elaborate catered dining events. They have included butchery and cheese-making classes, pickling, preserving and cordial making, Christmas plum pudding workshops and recreating colonial breakfasts and dinner menus.    

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Girl and boy chopping vegetables in the kitchen, Vaucluse House. Photograph © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Foraged from the history books of our houses these recipes are sure to delight the young mind.

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Woman in kitchen with produce and cooking implements.

SLM Food

Eat your history: the bookThursday 29 October 2015

Sydney Living Museums and our resident gastronomer, Jacqui Newling, have published 'Eat your history: stories and recipes from Australian kitchens', a beautifully curated book to read and cook from.

Plate of flower shaped biscuits on patterned tablecloth.

Online shop

Aunty Tot's lemon biscuitsMonday 19 December 2016

picture of cookies on plate with cloth.

Online shop

GingernutsTuesday 13 December 2016

Olsson’s Salts at the Christmas Fare, Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Media release

Our annual artisan Christmas Fare is back!Wednesday 30 November 2016

Woman in kitchen with biscuits on tray.

SLM Food

Listen: Margaret Throsby talks colonial gastronomyWednesday 16 November 2016

ABC Classic FM's Margaret Throsby talks to Sydney Living Museum's colonial gastronomer and curator, Jacqui Newling author of 'Eat Your History: Stories and Recipes from Australian Kitchens'.