Pastoral bliss at Rouse Hill


The mornings may be getting darker and have the first hints of autumn chill, but here at Rouse Hill House & Farm they're giving us some perfect pastoral views.

As yet no-one has spontaneously started reciting Greek or Roman poetry but we live in hope.

Looking at these idyllic views it's important to remember that, with the rapid expansion of suburbia, rural landscapes close to Sydney are increasingly threatened. Significant historic landscapes like that at Rouse Hill become all the more precious not only for their heritage value but also for the green and recreational space, and wildlife habitats they provide.

Unlike many historic properties, at Rouse Hill House & Farm a significant part of the immediate landscape has been preserved, providing both a setting and constant reminder of the house’s rural past. Visitors are amazed at the unexpected sweeping vista still enjoyed from the rear of the house, that stretches westwards all the way to the Blue Mountains.

These evocative shots were taken by Paul Ferguson who has been working on new paving at the caretaker’s cottage and has been enjoying the views for the past week.


About the Author

Man in blue and white checked shirt holding pineapple.
Dr Scott Hill
Elizabeth Farm, Meroogal, Rouse Hill House & Farm
As a teenager, Scott Hill was captivated by pictures of ruins, trying to imagine how people had lived in these dramatic and crumbling spaces.

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