Lighting up The Mint courtyard


With so many evening events taking place at The Mint good lighting is a must.

Works are underway to install some new lighting in the Mint courtyard and forecourt.

The lighting will give improved visibility for night access and will also provide dramatic lighting of the buildings for evening events.

The fittings that are being installed in the photo are a line of LEDs that will up-light the facades of the original Mint buildings.

Another series of LED lights are being mounted to the underside of the courtyard plinth to provide wash light across the footpaths and flagstones.

A challenge of the project has been to get power to the light fittings.

With no existing power outlets around the courtyard cabling has had to be ducted from the under-floor services space of the front Mint building and passed under the flagstones to the central plinth.

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Portrait view of man in black long sleeved shirt with arms crossed against background of old building.
Richard Taylor
Former Project Manager
Heritage Team
Richard Taylor was a project manager in the heritage team at Sydney Living Museums.

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Update on COVID-19Monday 16 March 2020

In response to recent developments with COVID-19, Sydney Living Museums is closing all historic houses and museums effective Tuesday 24 March until further notice. Click here for further information about the potential impact of COVID-19.

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