Who’s that girl?


Meet Naomi Gall, creator of Lila Jean Vintage Magazine and Fifties Fair regular

You may have spotted Naomi in some of our recent promotions for this year’s Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House on Sunday 23 August.

We recently caught up with Naomi to chat about her interest in vintage, her magazine and of course Fifties Fair.

Tell us about your magazine Lila Jean Vintage and why you started it.

Lila Jean Vintage Magazine is named after my Nan and explores vintage fashion, nostalgia and social history. A large part of what I love about wearing vintage clothing are the stories behind it and its connections to the time period. I found that there wasn’t really a magazine out there that actually went to the heart of vintage and nostalgia – to the men and women who actually lived in those times – and ask them about their life. The magazine takes these memories and combines it with architectural features, interviews and fashion spreads. There isn’t a day that passes where I don’t wish I’d asked my Nan more questions about her life and in a sense Lila Jean Vintage presents a place for these memories to live on and inspire others. 

What is it about vintage and nostalgia that interests you so much?

I love the stories behind the clothes and antiques. To think someone somewhere wore this suit or dress in the 1950s or 60s instantly makes it more interesting and unique. I believe that nostalgia and a healthy respect for the past are important and this begins at home with your parents and grandparents – everyone has a story, you just need to ask the questions.

You have a great vintage wardrobe, what do you look for when buying vintage clothing?

I always check the condition first. While some signs of wear and tear can be fixed, others can’t and it’s important to know when to put a piece back – no matter how much you love it! Don’t be swayed by sizes, know your measurements and be guided by that. I always have a tape measure in my bag. Also I think there is a misconception that vintage has to be expensive, and some of it is, but you can find really lovely vintage pieces for a good price if you shop around. Some of my best buys have been from my local Vinnies!

What other vintage items do you collect?

I love vintage tea sets and have been collecting one-off tea cups and saucers for years. More recently I‘ve been collecting clip on earrings and matching brooch sets from the 1950s and 60s. My biggest obsession though is probably hats. I just love them. A great hat can really elevate an outfit.

You’ve been to Fifties Fair a few times (yes, we have noticed you!), what is it that attracts you to an event like this?

Any excuse to get dressed up! The music is always fantastic and it’s such a great atmosphere. I love seeing how much of an effort everyone puts it – it’s great for some fashion inspiration! Rose Seidler House is gorgeous and there are so few opportunities to get really dressed up these days and it’s nice to be around others who love it as much as you do.

What are you looking forward to this Fifties Fair?

I always like to have a look at the stalls, you never know what you might find. I do love the fashion parade (watching it, not being in it!) – everyone always looks so fantastic. Also looking forward to seeing The Hi-Boys perform for the first time at the Fifties Fair and of course being able to walk through Rose Seidler House is always a highlight!

Do you have any tips for someone thinking about coming along to Fifties Fair this year?

Wear comfortable shoes! The grounds can be rocky and if it’s been raining, a bit muddy and make sure they’re easy to slip off as you can’t wear shoes inside Rose Seidler House. If you’re keen to shop take plenty of cash as card facilities are limited and I like to get there early, especially if I want a good seat near the stage for the live music and fashion parade.

You’ll have the chance to meet Naomi and purchase a copy of Lila Jean Vintage Magazine at this year’s Fifties Fair. In the meantime, find out more about the magazine.

To book your Fifties Fair tickets, head on over to: slm.is/FiftiesFair


Cover of a magazine
Cover, Lila Jean Vintage Magazine, Issue three, 2015. Courtesy Lila Jean Vintage Magazine

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