Loving learning at Rouse Hill House & Farm

Experience life at Rouse Hill House & Farm “firsthand, which is the best way to understand it.”


If only Richard Rouse could see the children visiting his farm to get an understanding of the life he and his family led here in the early days.

School children visit Rouse Hill House & Farm nearly every day to experience life both indoors and out. They do a number of farming tasks including setting up for milking, pumping water, looking at the different crops and seeds that were planted, and exploring the jobs done by the boys in the stables.

The children also experience some of the convict servant roles in and around the house, such as the ironing, the washing and feeding the chickens.

They love the excitement of racing to shift bags of chaff faster than their friends and then going outside and seeing horses and cattle still living in the same paddocks today. Seeing the students' excitement at being involved in these tasks shows that it is hard not to be inspired by the history of the place and the families who lived here.

At the end of the excursion the students have a deeper sense of how different life was for a child back then and, as one teacher commented, they have experienced it “first-hand, which is the best way to understand it”.


Our museums, historic houses and gardens are at the heart of every school excursion we offer.

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Naomi is passionate about teaching history and has worked in different contexts to do this over the years. Currently she working for Sydney Living...

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