Caught in the nick of time at Vaucluse House


After a couple of weeks of unusually strong winds through the valley at Vaucluse House, eagle-eyed staff yesterday afternoon spotted a hairline crack at the junction of a large, horizontal branch with the trunk of the established jacaranda tree in the service courtyard. Some even thought they heard the crack!

With the museum open at the time, staff immediately sprang into action securing the area and assessing the damage. With the full weight of the very long branch bearing down on the damaged section, there was a chance that it could give way and fall at any moment.

First thing this morning saw a team of SLM Horticulturalists on the job, trimming back the branch in sections from tip to trunk to make the courtyard safe and tidy for visitors once more. With the timber and leaves meticulously cleared away, and the lawn and gravel raked, it’s almost as if nothing ever happened.

Just another exciting morning at Vaucluse House!

Sydney Living Museums’ gardening staff and curators would like to share with you what we observe and learn during our work in the gardens.
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