White Christmas at Vaucluse House


The staff and visitors at Vaucluse House last night weren’t dreaming; there really was a white Christmas in Vaucluse

The anxiously-monitored storm sweeping Sydney brought a furious hail front over the house, just as the first of our extremely popular Christmas Nightlight tours was due to begin.

With visitors taking shelter on the veranda and in the Little Drawing Room (and getting some great pictures of their own!), staff set about checking the house for damage, before calling on the expertise of our Assistant (super) Curator Mel Flyte, who came to the rescue with emergency window repairs.

With the house safe and secure, and the candles twinkling, the first of our Christmas Nightlight tours was then able to proceed as planned. Visitors were led on a candlelit tour of the house (including our beautiful Christmas Tree in the Drawing Room), followed by supper in the Colonial Kitchen. With spirits undampened by the storm, a good time appeared to be had by all.

Although it was an atmospheric and memorable event, from now on the staff at Vaucluse House will be dreaming of a green Christmas after all, especially for the second and final sold-out Christmas Nightlight tour of the season, this evening.

Vaucluse House is open 10am-4pm every day until Monday 28th January, with the exception of Tuesday 25th December, when we will be closed. Our grand Christmas tree will remain on display in the Drawing Room until at least Friday 28th December. We hope you’ll join us for a visit over the festive season.

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Head and shoulders portrait photo of young woman wearing a black scarf.
Karina Wright
Visitor Services Coordinator
Karina's first experience with Sydney Living Museums was squeezing lemons, as an anachronistically self-costumed eight-year-old...