Donors enjoy ‘Songs of Home’ curator-led tour


On the 9th of August Sydney Living Museums donors were treated to a curator-led tour of ‘Songs of Home’ at the Museum of Sydney on the site of first Government House.

The behind-the-scenes tour with Dr Matthew Stephens, Professor Jeanice Brooks and Dr Graeme Skinner, perfectly highlighted the vibrant domestic musical environment of Australia in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries!  As well as some of the treasures in the show, such as Jane Austen’s original and highly valuable music manuscripts, and the earliest transcripts of Aboriginal songs.

Sydney Living Museums aims to raise an ambitious total of $400k for the ‘Sound Heritage’ project, to conserve, document, digitise and interpret our historical sheet music collection for local, national and international audiences.  

This important collection includes:

  • Publications dating from the late 18th century
  • Australia’s earliest surviving settler composition
  • Australia’s earliest known collection of sheet music bound in Sydney (c1840)
  • Previously unknown surviving examples of Australian and British Compositions

Some fabulous work has already been done on interpreting the SLM sheet music collection, as seen in the Songs of Home exhibition. Through generous support, we have already digitised 200 pieces of the 2000 pieces that we hold in the collection.

You can also help support the Sound Heritage project today.

  • Group visiting exhibition space.
  • Costume and instrument on display.
  • Tour leader talking about exhibit to group in foreground.