Cornersmith Cooking School takes up residency at The Mint


Cornersmith Cooking School is bringing its pop-up cooking classes to The Mint!

We’re excited to announce our new residency program with one of Sydney's most beloved cooking schools - Cornersmith. From May to August 2021 Cornersmith will make a new temporary home at The Mint on Macquarie Street, right in the heart of the CBD. Sydney Living Museums and Cornersmith already enjoy a long collaborative history bringing audiences preserving workshops that have celebrated the rich culinary history of our properties. This latest residency partnership will offer audiences access to innovative education programs teaching the importance of seasonal eating and preserving and the vital role it has in our sustainable future.

When & Where

Cornersmith’s location within The Mint will be in the historic Dining Room and beautiful Mint Master's Room where they will be setting up old fashioned school rooms, running simultaneous, smaller classes Thursdays to Sundays.
Join in the fun, creative and sustainable cooking classes in, Pickling, Jam making, The Magic of Mushrooms, Culture Club: Kimchi, Citrus in the City and more. 

Find out more and book on the Cornersmith: Cooking School web page.

Upcoming classes

The magic of mushrooms
21 May 2021

29 May 2021

Pelmeni: Russian dumplings
29 May 2021

Pasta by hand
6 June 2021

11 June 2021

Citrus in the city
12 June 2021

All about kombucha
12 June 2021

Culture club: Kimchi
18 June 2021

Jam, marmalade & canned fruit
19 June 2021

A guide to salad making
25 June 2021

Home cheesemaking: ricotta, labneh & yoghurt
3 July 2021


Copy and images supplied by Cornersmith