Sydney Living Museums Learning is pleased to offer support to selected students to attend our learning programs. 

Through the generous support of the Sydney Living Museums Foundation, SLM Learning can provide:

  1. Subsidised transportation for students from disadvantaged NSW Government schools who attend curriculum-linked programs
  2. Free programs for students with specific access requirements from Schools for Special Purposes, Specialist Support Units and Independent Special Assistance Schools.

All program subsidies are available for new enquiries and bookings from 1 July 2021. Subsidies cannot be applied retroactively to existing bookings.


Transport subsidy

  • Eligible groups include all NSW Government primary and secondary schools receiving Resource Allocation Model funding with a Family Occupation and Education Index (FOEI) of 100+.  
  • Sydney Living Museums will subsidise the school’s transportation costs up to a maximum of $20 per student for each student who attends a curriculum-linked program at an SLM property.

Access subsidy

  • Eligible groups include NSW Government Schools for Specific Purposes, Specialist Support Units and Independent Special Assistance Schools 
  • Sydney Living Museums will fully subsidise program costs for these groups at SLM properties. Please note that subsidy eligibility applies to school groups and not to individual students in mainstream schooling. 

How to apply

Before the excursion

Make a booking

  1. Choose your excursion from our website or discuss with the Bookings team.
  2. Then make a booking inquiry via our online booking forms (located on each program webpage) or email our Bookings team at 
  3. Identify your school’s intention to claim the relevant subsidy at the time of booking.
  4. Once your booking is received, our Bookings team will confirm the eligibility of the school and will contact the school to finalise the booking.

After the excursion

Claim the Transport Subsidy

  1. Make full payment for your students’ transport costs with your transport provider.
  2. Attend the excursion.
  3. Following the excursion, email our Bookings team with an invoice for your transport costs (up to $20 per student) to claim the subsidy, and provide documentation of the transport cost e.g. receipt from your transport provider.
  4. Our Bookings team will verify the number of students who attended the excursion and check the school’s invoice against these numbers.
  5. Please note that the transport subsidy can only be paid for the number of students that attended the excursion.

Claim the Access Subsidy

  1. Inform the Bookings team at time of booking who will confirm your group's eligibility.
  2. Attend the excursion.
  3. Following the excursion, you will not need to make any payment for the program costs, as this will be automatically covered by the subsidy. 

Terms & conditions

This subsidy is subject to availability of funds from the Sydney Living Museums Foundation and may be discontinued at any time. Schools will be advised of changes to this subsidy program before their booking is confirmed.

Learning programs at Sydney Living Museums

As a leading provider of Stages 1-6 curriculum-linked excursions, our programs are designed to create unforgettable learning experiences for all students across our museums, historic houses and gardens. View a full list of programs on our Learning Programs page.


If you would like further information about the learning subsidy or would like to discuss excursion options, please contact our Bookings team on or 02 8239 2211.