Estate Vaucluse House kitchen upgrade



The Capital Programs Delivery Team has recently led the refurbishment and upgrading of the Estate Vaucluse House (tearoom) kitchen.

This has optimised the full footprint of the old kitchen area, whilst retaining and respecting items of heritage significance. The scope of works included reconfiguring the cooking area layout, and modernising the preparation space, beverage pickup area, scullery, installing a new cool room/freezer room and dry goods store.

The kitchen is fully equipped with the latest energy saving cooking equipment and fully protected with chemical fire suppression system, smoke & thermal detectors, fire extinguishers/blankets, A/C unit fire trips; all to protect the heritage building.

The original tearoom is significant in its own right as one of two surviving examples of an early twentieth century federation style refreshment pavilion. Constructed in 1925 to a design by the NSW Government Architect, the tearoom has hosted many community events for almost 100 years.  


Commercial kitchen at Vaucluse House Tearooms


Vaucluse House Tearooms kitchen upgrade.

Estate Vaucluse House kitchen upgrade. Photos © Aurify Constructions for Sydney Living Museums

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