Listed below are a number of frequently asked questions relating to recruitment/employment with Sydney Living Museums.

Advertised Roles

Where are current opportunities with Sydney Living Museums advertised?

All of Sydney Living Museums' current opportunities are advertised on our Employment Page and on the I work for NSW website.

How can I find out more about an advertised role?

Role descriptions and the candidate information guide are hyperlinked in each job advertisement. The telephone number and name of a contact officer is also included in each advertisement. In most cases the contact officer is the supervisor of the advertised role. It is recommended to speak with the contact officer before applying to learn more about the role. 

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Submitting Your Application

How can I apply for a role?

All applications are to be submitted online through the I work for NSW website. 

For information on applying for a role with Sydney Living Museums go to Recruitment Process.

I am having problems accessing my I work for NSW account/submitting my application where can I get help?

If you have any technical problems using I work for NSW please contact 1800 562 679 or email The support team is available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

How will I know if my application has been successfully submitted?

Once you a have successfully submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email generated by the system.

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The Application Process

What is the recruitment process when applying for a role at Sydney Living Museums?

Sydney Living Museums follows the NSW Public Service merit based recruitment guidelines when recruiting for all of our roles. More details on the process can be obtained here at Recruitment Process.

Who do I contact if I have a question about an advertised role?

If you have any questions about an advertised role please telephone the contact officer listed in the relevant advertisement.

What if I cannot meet the closing date for application submission?

If for any reason you cannot submit your application by the closing date/time telephone the contact officer listed in the advertisement prior to the closing date to discuss the possibility of an extension.

Any application received after the closing date without being granted an extension will not be accepted.

How important is it to respond to the targeted questions?

It is compulsory to respond to each of the targeted questions. Applications that do not have responses to all targeted questions will not pass the shortlisting phase of the recruitment.

How long should my responses to the targeted questions be?

It is important to be as concise and comprehensive as you can, responses to each targeted question should be no longer than 20 lines in 11pt. It is recommended that you prepare your response to each targeted question using Microsoft Word and then copy and paste into the text boxes provided during the online application process.

Do I need to include my resume?

Yes, your resume is part of your application and assists the selection panel to better understand your suitability for the role/s you have applied for.

Should I tailor my resume to the role I’m applying for?

Tailoring your resume to highlight your experiences and knowledge to the requirements of the role will help us to assess your suitability for the role/s you are applying for. All our role descriptions and job advertisements include the requirements for the role, which can help you in tailoring your resume.

How will I know my application has progress to interview?

You will be contacted via email with an invitation to attend an interview and undertake assessments. Make sure the email you include in your application is one you check regularly.

What are assessments?

Candidates advancing to the interview stage are also required under the Government Sector Employment Act (GSE) 2013 to undertake comparative assessment/s. These assessments are intended to allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities to undertake key tasks of the role they are applying for. 

What if I am successful?

Generally, the hiring manager or someone on their behalf will contact you by phone to offer you the role discuss a start date. After this a formal letter of offer will be sent to you.

What if I am unsuccessful?

All applicants will receive email notification in relation to the outcome of their application. This notification will offer the opportunity to seek feedback from the hiring manager. Feedback gives you information about your application/interview/assessments and can be a useful tool for future personal development.

If I’m unsuccessful when will I be contacted?

Unsuccessful applicants, whether they have attended an interview or not, are informed of the outcome of selection process after the interviews have been arranged. An email notification is sent to all unsuccessful applicants as soon as possible.

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General information

Do I have to be Australian to work at Sydney Living Museums?

Not for temporary or casual roles, however you will be required to hold a valid working visa which allows you to work in Australia for the period of time over which the role is to be filled, have permanent resident status in Australia or be a citizen of New Zealand with a current New Zealand passport. 

To obtain an ongoing role you need to be an Australian citizen, have permanent residence status in Australia or a citizen of New Zealand with a current New Zealand passport. 

See Department of Immigration and Border Protection for information about requirements for visas, working permits and Australian citizenship.

What is the Capability Framework?

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework provides a common and consistent description of the skills, knowledge and abilities expected from the NSW Public Sector staff. A role capabilities are included in each role description. For more information go to the NSW Government’s Capability Framework website.

Who sees my application?

Information provided in your application, including your personal information is kept confidential and used for recruitment purposes only. Only people directly involved in a recruitment will see your application.

If successful will I start at the base salary level?

It is Sydney Living Museums policy that all new appointments commence employment at the base salary level. However the successful candidate will have the opportunity to discuss with the hiring manager the possibility of starting at a higher level.

Employer’s contribution to superannuation and leave loading are not including in the salary.

I have previously received a voluntary redundancy from the public service can I be reemployed in the service?

If you have previously received a voluntary redundancy from the NSW public service you are eligible to be reemployed. However, if you are reemployed in a public service role within the period covered by the separation payment, you will be required to pay back that proportion of the severance payment applying to the period of reemployment.

What are reference checks?

You are asked to provide the name and contact details of two referees in your application. The referees you nominate should be able to comment on your recent work. Personal referees will not be contacted. Your referees will only be contacted if you are one of the best applicants following the interviews and assessments.

What other checks could be conducted?

All roles within Sydney Living Museums require that you undergo a criminal record check. Having a criminal record will not necessarily disqualify you from selection. Anyone who will be working in child-related employment will also have to undergo a Working with Children check. Any other checks such as medical assessments or driving records will be included in the advertisment and role description. 

I have a disability will it affect my chances of securing a role?

Disability will not be a factor in selection unless your disability means you are unable to perform the main tasks of the role. Sydney Living Museums is willing to make related adjustments for staff and encourage people with disabilities to apply for work with the agency.

If you are called for an interview and you have special requirements (e.g. wheel chair access or an interpreter for hearing impaired persons), please advise the role contact officer or Human Resources who will make arrangements to assist wherever possible.

How can I prepare for an interview/assessment?

You should prepare yourself for the interview and assessments by familiarising yourself with the work of Sydney Living Museums, particularly with the property or team in which the role is located. Also carefully read the role description so that you are fully aware of the requirements of the role.

What is the time frame for recruitment?

Ideally Sydney Living Museums endeavours to conduct interviews within one to two weeks of the closing date with outcomes known by all applicants one month after the closing date. However delays can occur due to unexpected circumstances.

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