Alysha Buss

Former assistant interpretation curator

Alysha Buss holding out a piece of cheese at a museum tasting event

Alysha remembers going to museums as a child and being completely awestruck - could these objects actually be real? Hungry to learn as much as she could, museums were places of knowledge and wonder and far off people, places and times. Still eager to explore these themes and with a goal to be a part of this museum world, Alysha studied Arts (Archaeology and Heritage Studies) and Museum Studies at the University of Sydney. She then worked as an assistant curator at the Powerhouse Museum (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) and then as an assistant interpretation curator at Sydney Living Museums. Alysha is passionate about collections and historic houses, the stories they can tell and their care for the future, as well as the experience of visitors, hoping they are inspired in the same way she has been since childhood.