Helder Esteves


Picture of Horticulturist Helder Esteves

Being born and raised in Portugal gave Helder the opportunity to learn, explore and marvel with the many layers of history that surrounded him, from Roman ruins, medieval castles, renaissance gardens or baroque churches. These experiences gave Helder the interest to discover many different lands and cultures. 

After finishing a bachelor’s degree in Management and Tourism he had the opportunity to travel and live in different countries; this further opened Helder’s perspective of the World, its natural gems and all the exciting and intriguing cultures that he came across.

Helder finally settled in Australia and decided to embrace his love for plants and the natural world; completing a Diploma in Horticulture he has embraced a new career as a horticulturist. Working with Sydney Living Museums gives Helder the perfect opportunity to learn more about the history and culture in Australia, not only within its buildings but also its historical gardens and plant collections.