Mel Flyte

Assistant Curator

Woman standing in front of colourful mural.
Growing up in rural NSW, Mel’s childhood was spent undertaking her own archaeological excavations in the creek bed on her family’s property.

Old bottles, cow bones, and the occasional piece of rusty farm equipment were all considered exciting discoveries. School holidays were punctuated with long car trips with her mum to see the blockbuster exhibitions in Canberra and Sydney, so galleries and museums always felt familiar. The lure of far flung lands drew Mel to a degree in Egyptology, culminating in the opportunity to excavate at the Egyptian garrison site of Tel Yafo, Israel.

Further studies and a Masters degree in Art History shifted Mel’s attention forward in time, with a particular interest in academic painting and design movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She joined Sydney Living Museums in 2013 as a Visitor Interpretation Officer. In her substantive role as Assistant Curator in the House Museums Portfolio, Mel relishes the opportunity to get hands-on with the treasures in our collection.


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