COVID-19 Conditions of Entry


As we reopen our museums and historic houses once again, the safety of our visitors is of paramount importance. We have put measures in place to prioritise the health and wellbeing of everyone.

The core principles adopted at Sydney Living Museums (SLM) sites are:

  • Creating safe environments – including observing protocols around limiting the number of visitors and staff within our spaces, installing signage to ensure social distancing and providing contactless ticketing.
  • Vigilance in adhering to the most up-to-date state and federal government instructions and guidelines – our commitment is to stay up to date with all information to ensure safety.
  • Facilities to be closely maintained and monitored – including adherence to hygiene protocols, such as cleaning and disinfecting, and providing hand sanitiser.
  • Information will always be made available to our visitors – to help people stay safe.

The conditions of entry for visitors to our properties have been updated to reflect these core principles and are outlined below. These same conditions of entry will also apply to SLM staff. 

Conditions of entry

All visitors must comply with all current Public Health Orders issued by NSW Health in order to enter any SLM site. 

Visitors who enter any SLM site must be willing to comply with all parts of our conditions of entry and agree to the following requirements to:

  • Provide evidence as requested to confirm compliance with vaccination requirements (including contraindication certificates) 
  • Maintain physical distancing measures (as per current guidelines of NSW Health) with respect to staff and visitors;
  • Visitors over the age of 12 must wear a fitted face covering over their mouth and nose as mandated in the current Public Health orders, unless evidence is available for verification that a lawful exemption applies; 
  • Check in using the Service NSW COVID-Safe check in system;
  • Accept that they may be refused entry to any SLM site in the event that the site has reached its total capacity under physical distancing requirements;
  • Accept the right of SLM to refuse entry or request their departure from our sites at any time; and
  • At all times treat other staff and visitors with respect.

Visitors and staff are not permitted to enter any SLM property if they:

  • Have not complied, or are not able to produce evidence of compliance, with vaccination requirements (including contraindication certificates) 
  • Are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms
  • Have not complied with a current NSW Health or employer direction to self-isolate
  • Have not complied with a current Public Health Order. 

Visitors are encouraged to read our Conditions of Entry Policy before visiting our museums and houses. 

Last updated: 08/10/21

On arrival you will be asked to check in using the Service NSW COVID Safe QR code. If you do not have the Service NSW app, you can download it for free below, to save time when you arrive. For customers without a smart phone we will record your details on another device.

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