Craft & activities

Enjoy craft and other activities at home, inspired by our exhibitions and museums.

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Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Paper Plane expert guides

Time to take off! Make your own plane, then launch it in a clear space! How far does it fly? Download our guides below.

Courtesy of Elin Matilda

Paper Portraits

Create a portrait of some of the people who have called Rouse Hill Estate home. Created by Swedish-Australian illustrator and designer Elin Matilda.

Illustration © James Gulliver Hancock

Mini Museum Models

Make your own mini museum! Choose from six Sydney Living Museums properties. Simply download the plans, colour, cut, fold and glue.

Image from The Illustrated Book of Poultry, Lewis Wright, c1875. Rouse Hill House & Farm Collection, Sydney Living Museums

Chicken Puppet

Cluck, cluck! Download the activity sheet to make a moving chicken puppet. You will also need pencils for colouring, scissors, metal fasteners (metal pins) and a bamboo skewer. 

Festive season activities

How to make Christmas ornaments

Two decorated Christmas ornament shapes - a yellow bell and a red stocking - with ribbon for hanging them.
Christmas ornaments. Photo © Sydney Living Museums

Get crafty this Christmas with some homemade ornaments for your tree.

How to make a Christmas garland

Selection of Christmas shapes in bright colours.
Christmas craft. © Sydney Living Museums

Drape your house in homemade Christmas garlands for a festive feel.

Room in a box activity

How to make a mini bed

Completed matchbox mini-bed craft item with cardboard bedhead and patterned fabric cover.
Mini-bed. © Sydney Living Museums

Make a mini bed to place in your diorama.

How to make a mini table

Mini-table craft activity thumb.
Mini table. Photo © Sydney Living Museums

Make a mini table to place in your diorama.

How to make a mini fruitbowl

Mini fruitbowl made out of paper and a bottle cap.
Mini fruitbowl thumb. Photo © Sydney Living Museums

Make a mini fruitbowl to place in your diorama.

How to make a mini plant in a pot

Completed craft plant in pot activity.
Mini plant. © Sydney Living Museums

Make a mini plant in a pot to place in your diorama.


Video: make a room in a box

Watch the video to find out how to make a room in a box. You can find the templates and instructions for furniture and other items to decorate your room right here on our Craft & activities page.