A day in the life of a convict: videos

A set of videos about aspects of daily convict life, including making a fire and dealing with a lack of socks, as well as some of the essential trades practised by convicts such as blacksmith, shingle-maker and stonemason.

A convict started a fire

Convicts at Sydney's Hyde Park Barracks 200 years ago didn't have lighters or matches to light their pipes. See how to light a fire the hard way.

A convict without socks

Convicts sent to Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney weren't always lucky enough to be issued with socks. And to make matters worse, their shoes weren't even specifically made for the right or left foot. See what they did to ease the pain.

Convict trades: blacksmith

Blacksmith Alex Schreiber discusses some of the techniques Australia's convict blacksmiths may have used to perform their craft.

Shot during Sydney Living Museum's Redcoats and Convicts day at the Hyde Park Barracks in 2011.

Convict trades: shingle-maker

Gary Williams demonstrates how to make roofing shingles. Gary was responsible for cladding the domes over the guard houses at the entrance to the Hyde Park Barracks. Shot during the Redcoats and Convicts day in 2011.

Convict trades: stonemason

James Gardner discusses his craft during the Redcoats and Convicts event at the Hyde Park Baracks in 2011.