A Convict Story

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Cost (GST free)
$120 per class per session (maximum 30 students). This includes downloadable support material for the teacher and students. Schools with small class sizes may be eligible for reduced rates - please contact us for details.
1 hour
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Sydney Living Museums is pleased to offer this engaging virtual excursion about convict life. This program is available to Primary schools across Australia and around the world and allows your students to interact live with our convict presenter.


Suitable for students in Year 3 or Year 4 (ages 8-10).


Stage 2 History

First Contacts

Key inquiry questions:

  • Why did Europeans settle in Australia?

HT2-4 Describes and explains effects of British colonisation in Australia

HT2-5 Applies skills of historical inquiry and communication



Bring the convict story of the Hyde Park Barracks to your classroom with a virtual excursion! This theatrical presentation, woven together from historical source material, transports students back in time to learn about the life story of convict Ivan Gotney. Students interact with the presenter to gain insight into the everyday lives of convicts at the barracks and the importance of convict labour to the development of the new colony. They are encouraged to observe, analyse and draw conclusions about historical sources.

Prepare your group for a visit with an 'Excursion Introduction' listed under Resources. These introductions are suitable for teachers of children with ASD in integrated classrooms.


Please see resources listed at the right of the screen.

Teaching Resource - an online educational resource for A Convict Story. Taking a look at this resource with your students in advance of your virtual excursion will enhance their experience.

We also highly recommend that your students learn the first two (2) verses and the chorus of The Ballad of Botany Bay.


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View of Botany BayView of Botany Bay. Beat Knoblauch Collection

Other resources

The Ballad of Botany Bay : lyrics [PDF]
Excursion Introduction: A Convict Story (virtual excursion)