Explore the garden

Boy running up a gravel path through leafy green garden towards house.
Elizabeth Farm. Photo © Haley Richardson and Stuart Miller for Sydney Living Museums

Little remains of John and Elizabeth Macarthur’s garden, with subdivisions reducing the total size of their property from over 120 hectares  to less than one. But thanks to documentary and archaeological evidence, the remaining garden has been carefully reconstructed to reflect the Macarthurs’ time in the house and the site’s former glory.

Using original sketches, we were able to establish the types of plants that grew during the Macarthurs’ time. Pink China roses, lilies and a river gum tree were planted on the basis of a sketch by the artist Conrad Martens, and a beautiful veggie patch was established in recognition of the larger fruit and vegetable garden that once grew on the estate.

The site is now perfect for a family day out; once you’ve  explored the house, you  can borrow a picnic blanket and relax in the sun or even bring a picnic from home to enjoy.