Architecture Hub Keynote Talk Series

This October #SCCIArchitecture2019 launches with more than 50 experts in Sydney for the second iteration of its annual Architecture Hub.

Join headliners Odile Decq STUDIO ODILE DECQ, Sou Fujimoto Sou Fujimoto Architects, Junya Ishigami Junya.ishigami+associates, Professor Ido Bruno and Behrouz Boochani for 10 days of inspiring conversation. #SCCIArchitecture19 investigates architecture's impact on commerce, justice, human rights, literature, politics, art, education, childhood and more.

Presented by Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas (SCCI) in partnership with Sydney Living Museums


Sou Fujimoto Keynote: Between Architecture & Nature SOLD OUT

Friday 11 October, 2019

6pm-8.30pm Museum of Sydney

What lies between architecture and nature? For celebrated architect, Sou Fujimoto, it is the richness of living. Or, in his own words, between architecture and nature lies “a beautiful life.” Join Sou Fujimoto, Founder of Sou Fujimoto Architects, for an intimate evening exploring how in-between architecture and nature lies the possibility to discover new potentials for life.

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Junya Ishigami Keynote: My Work SOLD OUT

Saturday 12 October, 2019
3.30pm-5.30pm, Museum of Sydney

Can architecture be invisible?

Can it be like clouds, the horizon, or even water? For renowned Japanese architect, Junya Ishigami, these questions yield an abundance of possibility. Drawing inspiration from the way nature appears to the human eye, Ishigami’s practice aspires to an architecture that floats, dissolves, is infinite, light, transparent – that can be, against all contradictions of structure, seemingly invisible.

As one of Japan’s visionary architects, Junya Ishigami has received worldwide acclaim for seeking out the limits of the possible. Making ‘a new reality’, his oeuvre extends both human and technical wonderment, allowing his structures to gain a new logic of space and environmental richness. In the profound and increasingly diverse world of architecture in which he operates, Ishigami’s quest for the pure and essential radically overturns the value system we understand to represent contemporary architecture and its future.

Join Junya Ishigami, Founder of junya.ishigami+associates, for an intimate evening investigating the architecture of unfathomable probabilities.

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The Architecture of Justice & Behrouz Boochani Keynote: The Architecture of Injustice SOLD OUT

Monday 14 October, 2019
6pm-8.30pm, Justice and Police Museum

The Architecture of Justice

Is justice the whim of a judge, the jury, or the architecture of the courtroom itself?

In many ways, courtroom architecture provides key insight into a citizenry’s shifting philosophies of justice. While the architecture of courtrooms is thought by some to express universal standards of right to fair trial, presumption of innocence, effective representation and the inherent dignity of people, contemporary experts in judicial process – from architects to lawyers, judges to legislators and beyond – have suggested that these design traditions are under delivering on all counts of trust, hope and faith in justice and fairness.

The Architecture of Justice inspects the role of architecture in Australia’s court system and beyond, particularly the criminal court system and its bearing on jury outcomes. Introduced by Justice Melissa Perry QC (Judge of the Federal Court of Australia), Dolla Merrillees moderates a panel including The Court of Future Network co-convenors – Professor David Tait (University of Western Sydney) and Diane Jones (PTW Architects) – with former Senior Crown Prosecutor, Mark Tedeschi AM QC (Wardell Chambers).

Behrouz Boochani Keynote: The Architecture of Injustice

Behrouz Boochani is an Iranian-Kurdish author, journalist, human rights defender, poet and film producer. He wrote his memoir ‘No Friend but the Mountains: Writings From Manus Prison’, on a mobile phone in Farsi during his incarceration on Manus Island. Since translation and publication, the book won the Victorian Prize for Literature and the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Non-Fiction. In April 2019, Boochani won the Special New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award. His work has been described as “an outstanding work of literature in its own right”, apart from being “remarkable for the circumstances of its production […and] compelling and shocking content.”

Behrouz Boochani joins SCCI via live AV link from Port Moresby for a solo presentation exploring the architecture of injustice he experienced on Manus Island.

Boochani’s presentation explores the Architecture of Injustice from the perspective of a detainee inside one of Australia’s most controversial architectural projects – Manus Island: Manus Regional Processing Centre – the site of widely condemned human rights abuses.

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