Autumn Harvest Festival 2016

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Visit Rouse Hill House & Farm to taste the bounty of the Autumn Harvest.

For one day only, you’ll be able to taste and shop from a hand-picked selection of artisanal goods – smoked and fresh meats, eggs, dairy, heirloom produce, tea and coffee, confectionary, pickles, chutneys, fermented vegetables, bush honey, cordials, vinegars, olive oils, artisan cordials and fresh tree nuts - that reflect the food heritage of Rouse Hill House and Farm and still feature heavily on our kitchen tables today. 

You’ll have the opportunity to meet our producers and artisans, all of whom have a strong commitment to handcrafted, or locally grown and made foods, embracing sustainable practices and reviving traditional preparation and preservation methods.  

Throughout the day, enjoy a series of talks hosted by foodie, author and media personality Indira Naidoo.  

Bring the kids to meet our resident chooks in the chicken coop or help feed the cows. They can get hands on with free cooking demos and tours.

Remember, there’s plenty of free parking on site (entry from Guntawong Road). Accessible and stallholder parking is also available at the Visitors' Centre.

Or, you can hop on the free shuttle bus from Riverstone Station to Rouse Hill House & Farm operated by Sydney Bus Museums.

The single shuttle will operate a continual service from Riverstone Station to Rouse Hill House & Farm (approximately 15 minutes each way).  The first bus leaves Riverstone Station at 8.55am and the last bus will leave Rouse Hill House & Farm at 2.10pm.  

Please note: This is a rural property with uneven terrain. Please wear enclosed shoes suitable for walking across a farm property.  The event will run in most weather conditions – please consider bringing sunscreen, hats and wet weather gear. Occasionally events are cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or other situations which may affect the safety of our guests, in these circumstances we provide cancellation notifications through our social channels and on our website.

Please note that no pets (with the exception of special service dogs (i.e. guide dogs) are allowed on site at Rouse Hill House and Farm.

The event is free 
House Tours by Gold Coin


When & Where

Sunday 29 May 2016 9AM–2PM

Rouse Hill House & Farm

356 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155
+612 9627 6777

Free parking on site, enter via Guntawong Road.

Free shuttle bus from Riverstone Station, operated by Sydney Bus Museums. See timetable here.

Meet the speakers & tour leaders

Photo courtesy Indira Naidoo.

Indira Naidoo, Food Writer (Talks Host)

Indira Naidoo's television broadcast career has spanned more than two decades. She has anchored and reported for some of the country's most distinguished news and current affair programmes, including the ABC's Late Edition nightly news and SBS TV's award winning World News Tonight.

In 2009 she was selected from 2000 applicants to be trained by former US President Al Gore as a climate change presenter.

In 2013 she was appointed an ambassador for the Sydney homeless centre, the Wayside Chapel and conducts weekly gardening classes on its award winning rooftop vegetable garden.

Indira's bestselling book The Edible Balcony documented her adventures growing fruit and vegetables on her inner city balcony and then making them into delicious recipes. She also writes the popular food and gardening blog.

Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Jacqui Newling, Colonial Gastronomer, SLM

Jacqui explores our history and heritage through food. Our historic properties have been home to many hundreds of people and they all had to eat. And while we can’t meet them for a chat, we can get a taste of their lives!

Jacqui has a Le Cordon Bleu masters’ degree in gastronomy and specialises in early Australian foodways. As Sydney Living Museums’ resident gastronomer and curator of our Eat Your History projects, Jacqui takes a hands-on role to investigate the type of food that was served in our historic houses – from the dreaded ‘hominy’ served to convicts at Hyde Park Barracks to the feasts found on the finer tables of Sydney’s elite and the humble dishes prepared in working class kitchens of Susannah Place in the Rocks. Jacqui co-curated the Eat Your History: A Shared Table exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, hosts regular colonial gastronomy programs at many of our properties, and is ‘The Cook’ in Sydney Living Museums’ food history blog, The Cook and the Curator.

Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Scott Hill, Curator, SLM

Formal studies in architecture, along with travels through Asia and Europe, furthered his interest in colonial buildings, domestic design, the relationship between architecture and landscape, and particularly the interpretation of the ephemeral, ever-changing lives of objects, places and people, that is possible in house museums. In Scott’s words, ‘understanding a historic house, an interior or landscape is for me a process of 'reverse‐designing', about taking the finished product and digging down to find the 'why': the reasons, the decisions and the myriad hidden influences that led to its creation’. He is the ‘Curator’ in the award-winning SLM blog The Cook and the Curator, and co-curated the recent Eat Your History: A Shared Table exhibition at the Museum of Sydney. Scott is also a contributing author to the Eat Your History: stories and recipes from Australian kitchens book.


Photo © Cook's Co-op

Martin Boetz, Cook's Co-op

After an extensive career, Martin’s most recent success has been as Executive Chef at Longrain, Sydney for 13 years and Longrain Melbourne for 7 years. Chinese influences within traditional Thai food has driven his individual take on modern Asian food and he is responsible for redefining modern Asian cuisine in Australia. His fresh and unique approach has achieved him a high level of respect amongst his customers and his peers.

Martin’s food has always been produce driven, with much being sourced directly by him from growers at the markets. Having been a major contributor to the success of three high profile restaurants, he is now making the Cook’s Co-op a success in its own right.

The Cook's Co-op combines Martin's passion for horticulture and food, and is a project he has always yearned to bring to fruition, one that feels natural, challenging and exciting for him to pursue and evolve into yet another success.

From soil to plate…and so it is!


Photo © Tim Grey

Diego Bonetto, Foraging Tour

Diego is an edible weeds advocate based in Sydney, most famous for his offering of urban foraging workshops.

Building on the knowledge acquired while growing up on a farm in Italy, Diego introduces people to the ever-present food and medicine plants that surround us. He collaborates extensively with chefs, herbalists, environmentalists and cultural workers promoting new understanding of what the environment has to offer. You see weed, Diego sees food.

Diego will introduce you to the wonders and possibilities of edible plants found on the grounds of Rouse Hill House. To some plantain, dandelion, chickweed and sow-thistle are a nuisance, to others they are a delicious salad and a seasonal treat. Learn about the most common species growing in your garden, along the green belts and in parks and reserves. Find out how they have been used for food, craft and natural remedies. Discover ways to safely harvest the urban 'wild' and enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals.


Photo © Simone Stephens

Simone Stephens, Egg Lady Deliveries

Simone Stephens from Egg Lady Deliveries has been surrounded by open range farming for many years, working across all areas including collecting, handling, and chicken welfare, as well as the end product of packaging and distribution. Simone runs Egg Lady Deliveries, sourcing ethical, free and open range eggs in a sustainable way for many homes and businesses. She takes her animal welfare very seriously and is an active advocate for the Free Range Movement.

Meet the kids' demo leaders

Photo © Jaimee Edwards

Jaimee Edwards

Jaimee Edwards is a food educator, writer and avid fermenter. She is committed to giving produce the respect it deserves by understanding its origins, knowing its histories and preparing it thoughtfully. 

The Little Pickles demonstration is all about getting kids excited about the food they eat, knowing where it comes from and what preserving is all about. 

Jaimee is a mum and Cornersmith teacher who is passionate about kids getting into the kitchen. Step-by-step, she will teach kids how to preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables and make an old fashioned ‘ginger bug’ that you can turn into a delicious and healthy ginger beer. She will talk about the science of preserving food, good and bad bacteria, seasonality, the role of bees, and all-important knife skills.




Photo © Kristen Allan

Kristen Allan

Kristen Allan is a Sydney based artisan cheesemaker who makes small batch fresh cheeses and yoghurt. Her pursuit of becoming a cheesemaker is one that has taken her around the world and back. Learning from producers using traditional techniques, she has a passion for preserving artisan methods and making cheese with a truly hands-on approach.

Taught by veteran Master Cheesemaker Neil Willman, Kristen has worked on farms including Tongola goat farm (Tasmania) and Mare Nostrum (Andalucia, Spain), learning the full process from animal husbandry and hand milking, to the cheesemaking process itself and on to the art of affinage.

She has presented cheesemaking at produce events for Feather & Bone, the Italian Festival, Berta’s spring cheese sagra, and more recently presented masterclasses at Rootstock, the Sustainable and Artisan Wine and Food festival.

Join Kristen as she shows you a fun step-by-step guide to making delicious natural pot-set yoghurt with no additives or sugar. Get a little serious as you discover the composition of milk and an understanding of the basic science of yoghurt making, with tastings of different types of milks and yoghurts.