The Cohen House was commissioned in the early 1990s by the Cohen family as the family holiday house.

This tour, led by Greg Holman from Seidler & Associates, will allow you into this private residence and provide insight into Seidler’s design principles for leisure space. 

About the building
‘This holiday house stands on a sloping bushland site adjacent to a public reserve with views of the Pacific Ocean and Pittwater through tall eucalyptus trees. The client’s brief was for a single house designed to maximise the enjoyment of the natural environment. A number of private outdoor spaces of differing aspect, together with large areas of glass and selected framed views, invite the serenity of the surroundings into all parts of the house.

‘The plan divides daytime and night uses by an open well, opposite the central entrance. Spaces are formed between opposing blade walls of differing textures, which are recalled externally, visually blurring the boundary between interior and the exterior. The rectangular plan forms are contrasted by curvilinear elements, of privacy screen walls, the sculpted freestanding fireplace and the opposing wave shapes of the roof over house and garage. The highest upward curve of the roof occurs over the living area, giving this spatial importance and drama at night by indirect lighting.’

From H Seidler, Houses and Interiors 2, 1970–2000, The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 2003, p96

Design/Completion: 1994      

Tour leader:  Greg Holman, Principal Architect, Seidler and Associates 

Additional information                 

  • Photographs may be taken only of the building’s exterior.
  • Participants must leave all bags at the entrance to the house, and may be required to remove their shoes if it is raining. 

Bookings Essential

General $40
Concession/Members $35


SATURDAY 15 NOVEMBER 2014 11.30AM–12.15PM


Palm Beach

Exact location to be confirmed at time of booking