Embroidered Christmas ornaments

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Handcrafted objects have seen a surge in popularity recently. This festive season, jump on the new-wave craft bandwagon and learn how to embroider with a project inspired by Sydney Living Museums’ collection. Presenting the collection in a contemporary and relevant way, Libby Moore from Thread Folk guides you through the steps of creating three ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree.

Libby has drawn inspiration for this project from Beeton’s book of needlework, first published in 1870. Isabella Beeton, popularly known as Mrs Beeton, had a strong influence on the shaping of middle-class identity (particularly that of women) during the Victorian era. The book contains descriptions and instructions, illustrated with 600 engravings of tatting, crochet, knitting, netting, point lace and embroidery patterns. 

Known for her beautifully detailed and lush fibre creations, Libby has reinterpreted these historical designs and created a contemporary embroidery project that you can make at home. 

More about: Beeton's book of needlework consisting of descriptions and instructions, illustrated by six hundred engravings [Internet Archive]


Download the instructions below:

Libby Moore, Thread Folk

Libby is a self taught fibre artist, focusing mostly on hand embroidery. She creates modern embroidery patterns and kits through her business, Thread Folk, and also teaches embroidery and punch needle workshops around Australia. 

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