Nightlight Tour - an immigrant's story: Susannah Place Museum

Discover the immigrant stories of Susannah Place in this special opportunity to experience the houses at night.

Visit the re-created homes of Hugo Youngein, a Swedish sailor who ran the corner grocer shop, and the Greek? Sarantides family, who fled their homeland in the 1920s to establish a new life in Sydney.   

Located in the heart of The Rocks, Susannah Place is a terrace of four houses built by Irish immigrants in 1844. For nearly 150 years these small houses with tiny backyards, basement kitchens and outside wash houses were home to more than 100 families. Their everyday lives played out against a backdrop of the working harbour and growing city. Remarkably, Susannah Place survived largely unchanged through the slum clearances and redevelopments of the past century, and today the museum tells the stories of the people and families who called this place and its neighbourhood home.

 Finish with light old-fashioned refreshments.

Bookings essential

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General $40
Concession $35
Members $30

Wednesday 2 May 2018 6PM–7.30PM
Wednesday 9 May 2018 6PM–7.30PM
Wednesday 16 May 2018 6PM–7.30PM

Susannah Place Museum

58–64 Gloucester Street, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW 2000
+612 9241 1893

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