Large floating bees have been arranged among the trees to inspire a sense of wonder in the natural world. HIVE MIND, a new creation by Dead Puppet Society, is a kinetic sculpture that brings micro insects to life at macro scale using movement, sound and light. 

Created using Dead Puppet Society’s signature laser-cut technology, HIVE MIND uses the movement of the wind as the puppeteer, highlighting the vital role played by bees in preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystem. 

HIVE MIND, presented by Sydney Living Museums, takes place in the picturesque grounds of Vaucluse House. It is being presented alongside a range of bee-inspired public programs, including workshops, self-guided activities, tours and talks. 

Dead Puppet Society, an Australian production house and design company that combines old-school craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, returns to the Sydney Festival following critically acclaimed seasons of Laser Beak Man (Sydney Festival 2020) and The Wider Earth (Sydney Festival 2018).

Visit HIVE MIND and also enjoy breakfast, lunch, high tea or a beverage at Estate Vaucluse House.



Hive Mind was originally commissioned by West Village Brisbane.

Design: Jennifer Livingstone, David Morton

Sound: Tony Brumpton

Lighting: Lachlan Cross

Executive Producer: Nicholas Paine

Fabrication: Helen Stephens, Aleksis Waaralinna, Leigh Walker, Ella Gordon, John Pierce  

Presented in association with Sydney Festival