Underworld: ‘Specials’ mugshot photography

with photographer Enrico Scotece and Sydney Living Museum’s Curator Digital Assets, Holly Schulte

Please note, unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled. To hear Holly discuss the photography used in the Underworld exhibition, please register your place in her upcoming exhibition floor talk 2pm-2.45pm 10 June

Unleash your inner criminal or channel a feisty flapper during an exclusive 1920s-style photo shoot with photographer Enrico Scotece. 

Participants will enjoy:

- An overview of the Special photographs series featured in in the Underworld: mugshots from the Roaring Twenties exhibition 

- An introduction to the work of Sydney policeman George Howard, analogue photography practices in Sydney during the 1920s and background to the NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive 

- An engaging introduction to the history of portrait photography from academic and fine art photographer Enrico Scotece

- Posing for your very own 1920s mugshots, like the ones taken by George Howard almost 100 years ago. A selection of props will be available on the day, but please feel free to dress up or bring your own props

- First-hand experience looking through the antique Eastman camera to understand how the police photographer created two images on a single negative

- Learning how the police wrote backwards to inscribed the negatives

- Free admission to the Underworld exhibition now on at Museum of Sydney, with the option to join Holly on a short photography tour of the exhibition post-workshop 

All attendees will receive the original 5 x 7 inch film negative and a fine art print of their recreated mugshot!

This workshop is suitable for photo enthusiasts and aspiring photographers.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Black and white photograph of two people.
Holly Schulte and Enrico Scotece photographed in the Specials style using an analogue Eastman View camera. Photo © Enrico Scotece for Sydney Living Museums
  • Dual black and white mugshot recreation photo.
  • Dual black and white mugshot recreation photo.
  • Dual black and white mugshot recreation photo.
  • Black and white mugshot recreation photo with seated woman and man, standing.
Recreated ‘Special’ photographs depicting members of Sydney Living Museum’s Underworld exhibition project team who recently took part in a 1920s-style photo shoot with photographer Enrico Scotece.

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General $160
Concession $155
Members $150

When & Where

Sunday 6 May 2018 10AM–2PM

Justice & Police Museum

Corner Albert and Phillip Streets, Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW 2000
+612 02 9252 1144

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