With Bamaradbanga, the Museum of Sydney opened its doors to the resilience and complexity of Aboriginal culture with an inspiring program of exhibitions, collaborative installations and public events.

From the Dreamings of the Warlpiri, to the quiet voices of Sydney’s first people, to the powerful expression of urban Sydney Aboriginal artists, Bamaradbanga (To Make Open) was a celebration of the opening of hearts and minds.

Unhinged: Yuendumu Doors | 18 September - 5 December 1999
Museum of Sydney, Focus Gallery.

In 1983, the Warlpiri artists painted Dreamings on the Yuendumu School doors to teach their children their way. This was the first travelling exhibition of 12 of these extraordinary doors. Included as part of this exhibition were:

Cadigal Place

A permanent gallery dedicated to the original inhabitants of the Sydney region including the Cadigal people, the clan on whose land the museum now stands.

Bolwara (To Open the Eyes)

An exhibition of works depicting the creative urban identity of Aboriginal people as seen through by artists of the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative.

Burraburragal (People of the Harbour)

A mural by Sydney based Aboriginal students of visual arts, in consultation with Sydney Elders, evoking the heart of Aboriginal life around Sydney Harbour.

18 September 1999 - 5 December 1999

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