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Iconic Australian Houses, curated by Karen McCartney and presented in partnership with Architecture Foundation Australia is a behind-the-scenes exploration of 30 of the most important Australian homes of the past 60 years.

The exhibition explores the design and building of these houses, as well as the experiences of those who live in them, and illustrates the emergence of a distinctively Australian approach to home design. Vivid photography, rich illustrations, 3D models and filmed interviews look beyond the physical structures to tell the story of how good design can enrich lifestyle.

The exhibition includes a sneak peek at one of the award-winning Australian houses featured in Karen McCartney’s forthcoming book, Superhouse: architecture & interiors beyond the everyday, which looks at stand-out contemporary architecture from across the world.

Past exhibition

12 April 2014 - 17 August 2014

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This is a detail photograph of a white architectural model of a house

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Iconic Australian Houses on tourWednesday 12 November 2014

This is a photograph of a colleciton of people inside the exhibition looking at panels, sitting at tables and reading books or looking at iPads

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An Eye For DesignThursday 14 August 2014

Meet the three designers brought together to collaborate on the design of Iconic Australian Houses and get the inside story on what collaboration is really like.

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The Marshall HouseThursday 14 August 2014

Watch the extended interview with author and guest curator, Karen McCartney, as she talks about the Iconic Australian Houses books and exhibition. Karen also discusses her own home, the Marshall House. Designed by Bruce Rickard,...

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The Walsh Street HouseMonday 11 August 2014

Watch the extended interview with Tony Lee, Executive Director of the Robin Boyd Foundation, and find out more about Robin Boyd's Walsh Street House. In 1950s Australia, it was the epitome of daring and modernist...

This is a photograph of the front of the Audette house showing the pathway leading up to the main door and the glass, timber and red brick facade to the house

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The Audette HouseThursday 31 July 2014

Watch the extended interview with Peter Muller, architect of the Audette House in Castlecrag, Sydney. The original commission in 1952 was for an American Colonial style house. Instead Muller delivered a modern ...