Artist Martin Sharp presented a unique and personal account of Sydney, featuring material from his own collection and family archive. Iconic images of Luna Park, his Eternity series, cartoons and posters all provide an instantly recognisable Sydney, its people and places.

Martin Sharp brought his intellect, humour, refined sense of composition and vivid colours to recount some of the rich layers of Sydney's history.  His work is a visual language revealing social insights of it's time. This immersive and dynamic exhibition of colour and music was designed by the artist and presents his work in a very personal exhibition revolving loosely around Sydney, the city where he lived and worked for most of his life. The works featured the range of Martin's interests from Circus Oz, The Nimrod Theatre, Oz Magazine and The Yellow House to Ginger Meggs, Mickey Mouse and Tiny Tim.

Listen to ABC's Sydney Sidtracks interview with the resident artists who were living the dream of art as life at the Yellow House in Potts Point in 1971.

Listen to ABC's Sydney Sidetracks story on Arthur Stace, the visual poet, known as Mr Eternity, who inspired Martin Sharp with his Eternity Series.

See how visitors are responding to Martin Sharp's work at the Flickr Martin Sharp Drawing Wall

31 October 2009 - 14 March 2010