Public Sydney: stop, look, live!

All around you in Sydney’s public spaces people are doing the most unexpected things.

This exhibition celebrated the unusual stories of the city’s public buildings, parks and street corners, and may have answered some of your burning questions about strange things you have seen happening in our shared spaces.

The images explored some of our most loved sites – Bennelong Point, the Museum of Sydney, Hyde Park, Central Station and Town Hall – and saw how we, the public, are shaping them.

Public Sydney blog

Alongside the exhibition, this blog explored the public spaces of Sydney, exposed some of their secrets, and collected your stories about the city locations we all share. Visit the Public Sydney blog


The Sydney Morning Herald

Discover what a handmade cedar coffin, a silver trowel and an ASIO surveillance picture can tell you about the remarkable history of Town Hall, or what a 2-tonne cannon has to do with the iconic Sydney Opera House.

About the book

Elevation or drawing of the Sydney Opera House from the side

Public Sydney: drawing the city by Sydney architects Philip Thalis and Peter John Cantrill is designed to raise awareness of Sydney’s historic public buildings and to place our own buildings in their wider city context.