Thi Tam Nguyen and Cao Nam Le pray at Thien Vien Minh Quang, Canley Vale - Rituals and Traditions of Sydney. Photo © Danny Huynh for Sydney Living Museums

Rituals & Traditions of Sydney

Portrait and documentary photographer Danny Huynh captured the unique cultural beliefs and religious customs of three communities in Sydney’s south-west.

Huynh was given unlimited access to photograph Ramadan, Vietnamese Lunar New Year and Russian Orthodox Easter celebrations in Fairfield, one of Sydney’s most culturally diverse areas. His vivid colour photographs capture festivals that strengthen community bonds and impart a sense of belonging.

Original concept, research and content developed by Fairfield City Museum and Gallery  Funded by ArtsNSW

Traditional rituals can be important to everybody, but for migrant communities they present opportunities to maintain a sense of identity and build a home away from home.

Danny Huynh

14 February 2009 - 8 June 2009