Architecture and interiors beyond the everyday

See how architectural experimentation and daring can challenge notions of how we should live.

This exhibition by Karen McCartney features stunning examples of local and international residential architecture. The breathtaking photography by Richard Powers highlights some of the world’s most interesting living spaces and awe‑inspiring homes – from an intimate prefabricated space designed overnight to a revitalised 12th-century castle.

A super house is one that delivers a 360-degree completeness of form, its exterior and interior have a seamless execution and above all else it is awe-inspiring. This quality can be elicited from the perfection of its natural setting, a remarkable use of materials, an exceptional level of craft, groundbreaking innovation or a use of space that lifts the spirit.

The criteria for what makes a house ‘super’ is highly personal and hence is different for every person.  Super is not about size or scale, it is about homes that are imbued with a quality that money alone can’t buy.  To some people it might be a humble shack with all pretence stripped away, to someone else it can be about the relationship with nature and the manmade controls that facilitate that experience. This exhibition provokes thought, both about ways of 'living beyond the everyday', and also what 'Superhouse' means to you.



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White house with many glass paneled walls across the front, set amongst Autumn leaves and trees


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