Tenant by tenant installation view Photo © Jenni Carter for Sydney Living Museums

Tenant by tenant

The high rise Northcott estate in Surry Hills is home to some 1000 public housing tenants.

At its lowest point a few years ago, the media dubbed it ’Suicide Towers’ and called for its demolition. Since then, the organisation BIG hART has stepped in with creative interventions to help rebuild individual and community confidence.

Tenant by tenant is a series of photographic portraits taken by the residents of the Northcott estate of one another, assisted by photographer Keith Saunders.

Visit BIG hART's web site and see what they said about this project

The intention of Big hART was to help ‘empower’ and assist tenants of Northcott to tell their stories, help build people’s sense of community, and encourage conditions that decrease violence and isolation.

Peter Write, David Palmer, Murdoch University

1 January 2006 - 26 February 2006