Hard hat diver preparing to enter water from the Maritime Services Board diver's punt. Photo © State Archives & Records

A Thousand Words

Available for bookings from June 2021.

'A picture tells a thousand words.' This adage is the inspiration for an innovative new exhibition, in which the public becomes the curator.

A Thousand Words presents 32 of the most compelling photographic images from the rich collections of Sydney Living Museums and the State Archives and Records Authority of NSW, created between the 1880s and the 1980s.

A Thousand Words adopts a philosophy that everyone can interpret history through the lens of their background, experiences, values, and aspirations. Unlike a standard exhibition, the images are presented without traditional curtorial interpretation. Instead, the public have been invited to contribute responses - whether emotive, nostalgic or imaginative - and this 'crowdsourced' material translated into the exhibition design. New creative works have also been commissioned from established and emerging writers and artists, each responding to an image from the exhibition.

A Thousand Words is a collaboration between Sydney Living Museums and State Archives.

Available for bookings from June 2021.

Winner of the MAGNA award - Temporary & Ttravelling exhibition 2021

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