FAQs: MWAP 2020

How do I enter my work?

Entries are to be submitted online at slm.is/meroogalartprize. You can submit up to five photographs of your work. If you are entering a digital soundscape or video, you can upload low-resolution files to the entry form. The selection panel will select works for the exhibition based on your photographs or files and artwork description. 

Can I enter more than one work? Can more than one of my works be selected?

You can enter up to two works. The works will be judged separately, so it is possible that both works could be chosen for the exhibition.

How can I find out more about the house and its history?

Prospective entrants can access resources about the history of the property, the people who lived there and the collection: Learn more about Meroogal.

Up-to-date information about changes to visiting Meroogal can be found on the Meroogal Visit page.

What will the selection panel be looking for?

The selection panel will be looking for works created in the past 12 months that demonstrate a direct creative response to Meroogal as a place, and to its history and stories – both specific (relating to the house and its former residents) and broader (exploring themes evoked by the house and residents) – combined with artistic merit.

When will I be notified if my work has been selected for the exhibition?

Finalists – i.e. entrants whose works are selected for display – will be notified by Friday 28 August 2020.

All entrants will be formally notified of the selection of finalists either by email or letter after this date.

What do I need to do if my work is selected for the exhibition?

If you are selected as a finalist, you are required to deliver the work to Meroogal on either Thursday 10 September 2020 or Saturday 12 September 2020 between 10am and 3pm. Sydney Living Museums staff will liaise with finalists to confirm delivery drop-off details.

Should I specify on my entry form where my work is intended to be displayed?

Yes. The selected works will be displayed in and around Meroogal, so if you have a location in mind, and/or a strategy for how it would work, make sure you include this information in your entry form.

Please note that installation and placement of artworks are at the discretion of Sydney Living Museums staff and preferred placement of artworks cannot be guaranteed.

What do I include in my artist’s statement?

The artist’s statement is to be no longer than 80 words and must be submitted via the online entry form. The statement will be read by the judges during the selection process and must clearly outline how your work responds to Meroogal and communicates your ideas to the viewer. Should your artwork be selected as a finalist, the artist’s statement will be used in the e-catalogue, and may also be used for promotional and marketing purposes.

The statement should not include your biography or previous artistic output.

Will items in the house be moved to make room for Meroogal Women’s Art Prize artworks?

Yes. During the exhibition period a number of Meroogal collection items will be taken off display to make room for the finalists’ artworks.

What kind of security is available for outdoor works?

Outdoor works are displayed at the artist’s own risk. Meroogal has regular security patrols, but Sydney Living Museums cannot guarantee the safety of works displayed outdoors. The outdoor and garden spaces are well suited to very robust works or ephemeral works. For security purposes, if the property remains closed to the public, during the judging process we will install, photograph and judge the artworks, and then remove and store them until such time as the property may reopen.

What methods can I use to secure my outdoor work?

Anything that is not damaging to the property and is reversible at the end of the exhibition period would be acceptable. Please contact us with any queries about display methods.

Closing date for entries is Monday 3 August 2020 at 4pm.

Entries are to be submitted online at: slm.is/meroogalartprize

For further inquiries, please contact:

Joanna Nicholas
Curator, Meroogal Women’s Art Prize
Sydney Living Museums
Email: mwap@slm.com.au


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