Current partnership opportunities

Interesting and exciting opportunities currently available for partnerships with Sydney Living Museums.

Education Partnership

SLM delivers an outstanding education program from K-12.  Students are active participants in a range of programs designed to cover topics, outcomes and cross-curricular priorities from the NSW Australian curriculumUnlocking Heritage is a program which subsidised travel for rural and regional students to experience our state’s historic and cultural heritage.  The subsidised funding enables schools with a Resource Allocation Model funding (with an FOEI of +100) to attend one of over48 heritage or history curriculum linked education programs at eight SLM properties and thirteen NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service locations.

This is an outstanding program - get more details on the Unlocking Heritage program.

If you are interested in supporting young Australians to experience and understand our heritage, we would love to talk to you.

Modernism Season - Museum of Sydney

July - November 2017

The modernism season presented by Sydney Living Museums showcases the work of the modernist architects and designers through an engaging and diverse range of activities which tell the stories of key, influential practitioners.  The season seeks to highlight the well-known figures, expert craftsmen and designers who influenced the development of Sydney in the 1950’s

The modernism season will include:

  • Two headline exhibitions at the Museum of Sydney – Moderns and Marion Hall Best
  • Major public activation program at iconic modernist property, Rose Seidler House
  • Open Houses program
  • Experts including Tim Ross
  • Specialist talks series, artist in residence
  • A rich and engaging online presence

Rose Seidler House. Photo © Justin Mackintosh for Sydney Living Museums

Modernism exhibition – 20th century émigré designers

The modernism exhibition will look at architects and designers who were distinct in style and approach. Connections between architects, furniture makers and clients as well as themes of migration, diversity, Sydney history and development will be explored.

Marion Hall Best Exhibition - flamboyant and fabulous

Marian transformed interiors with her bold use of colour and design. Loved by Sydney Society, Marion was Australia’s first professional interior designer whose career spanned 5 decades.  This exhibition runs from 5 August to 26 November 2017 after which it will be touring nationally.

Marion Hall Best sitting on lawn with nine chairs by designers Andrews, Arnio, Saarinen, Colombo, Eames and Bertoia at The Grove, Woollahra. Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection, Sydney Living Museums

Underworld - Mugshots of the 1920s

December 2017

Based on the NSW Police Forensic Archive, this collection of images gives a fascinating insight into the murky underworld during a time of glitz and glamour. The stories behind the mugshots tell a tale of crime and policing. Links with Paris and NYC add an international dimension. 

(Followed by an international tour)

William Patrick O’Brien, special photograph number 1387, 27 March 1925, Central Police Station, Sydney. NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive, Justice & Police Museum, Sydney Living Museums

Sydney Open 2017

Sydney Open 2017 welcomes interest and enquiries about partnering opportunities.  This unique event has become a fixed feature on the Sydney cultural calendar and provides corporate partners with outstanding opportunities to be aligned with a unique and prestigious event, delivering over 50,000 visits across over 70 carefully curated buildings, and generating media value of over $5m. Partnering with Sydney Living Museums means a collaborative approach to delivering strong business outcomes. Opportunities for sponsorship are also available. Sydney Open 2017 is an exciting event and we invite you to be part of it. 

Digital Partnerships

Great opportunities exist to partner with us on a range of different and innovative programs.  We have a vision to create new and cutting edge digital displays and interactive exhibitions in great heritage spaces.  Digitising collections and images with a view to public access is an ongoing process, revealing new images and items from Australian colonial history through to today.


Heritage and History Partnerships

Interpretation and redevelopment of some of Sydney’s  best loved houses and museums create unique partnership opportunities.  From public programs through to unique events, activations  and access to content and digital assets, join our partners to create a partnership which can support your brand, your stakeholders and your audience.

Spring Harvest Festival, Elizabeth Farm. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Please call Joy England on 02 8329 2433 or email to discuss these exciting opportunities and how we can work collaboratively to create a strong partnership.