Volunteers perform a variety of roles, providing invaluable support to our staff and a high standard of customer service to visitors.

Our volunteers work as part of a team, helping to achieve our goals. All volunteers have a role description outlining their role and duties.

‘Volunteering as a guide at Rouse Hill House & Farm lets me talk about my passion: agriculture.’ 

– James Griffith, guide, Rouse Hill House & Farm

What time commitment is required?

The amount of time and degree of flexibility varies according to the volunteer role. Volunteer guides and special event volunteer positions are available weekdays and weekends. Project and speaker program volunteers are only needed on weekdays. Some volunteers may work 3 hours a week or fortnight, while others may work a 7-hour day 10am to 5pm once a week.

No volunteer role allows a volunteer to work more than 16 hours per week.

What training is involved?

All our volunteers take part in a short induction training program, which gives an introduction to Sydney Living Museums, the volunteer role, health and safety and other work related policies. Following this, volunteers will have opportunities take part in a mix of informal and more formal training, depending on the particular position and role.

‘At the Justice & Police Museum, opportunities to learn abound – the history of the buildings, policing in NSW and some landmark crimes and their solutions. Also, appreciating the basic rationale of heritage preservation and museum culture has been part of my learning.’

– Janet Whitten, speaker program volunteer

Will I be provided with travel assistance and other expenses?

As a volunteer you are not reimbursed for travel or other expenses, except when expenses are incurred at the direct request of Sydney Living Museums. Where required, you will be provided with special protective clothing to meet requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Will I be covered by insurance while volunteering?

Yes, you will be covered by the NSW state government insurance that protects volunteer workers for injury or damage that results from work-related activities. Volunteers must sign-in/out on their attendance sheet each time they are on duty to be fully covered by the insurance policy.