‘All Things Love Thee, So Do I’

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To have a long career as a composer in popular music is more likely to be the exception than the rule. There are, however, many examples in the music collection at Rouse Hill Estate of successful 19th-century entrepreneurial composer-performers whose careers spanned decades. 

‘All Things Love Thee, So Do I’ was composed by Charles Edward Horn (1786- 1849), who also had a career as a professional singer, music teacher and owner of a music retail business. Horn spent most of his professional life travelling between England and the United States, but his compositions were also popular in Australia from the 1830s. Horn composed numerous musical plays – spoken text interspersed with songs – with song texts written by a playwright and often interchangeable melodies by local composers. This style of entertainment, frequently consisting of a comic story with humorous or light songs, was brought to Sydney and dominated theatres until the mid-1850s. One of these songs composed by Horn was the popular ‘Cherry Ripe’ and has been rearranged and recorded by many well-known composers and singers since the mid-19th century.

There was often a strong connection between music publishing and retail and entrepreneurial composer-producers. Much of the British music at Rouse Hill Estate collection is published by publishing houses in London or has been reprinted in NSW. British music publishers were frequently connected to specific concert series in London and which were reported upon in the Sydney press. These concerts were often produced by the composers-lyricists who, like Charles Horn, also owned or had a part interest in a business publishing or selling sheet music. Rodgers and Hammerstein and Lloyd-Webber come from a long tradition!

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Watch Anna Fraser and Luke Byrne share their version of ‘All Things Love Thee, So Do I’. Take a listen and then have a go yourself! There are few recordings of this song, so we’ve added a couple of other examples by the composer. Why not help us share more versions with the world.

You can find links to the music and lyrics below and perform and share your own interpretation.

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‘All Things Love Thee, So Do I’

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Listen to more examples:

You can listen to another version of ‘All Things Love Thee, So Do I’ in the first example below. We’ve also included examples of one of Horn’s biggest hits, ‘Cherry Ripe’.

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Meet the performers

Anna Fraser

Anna has gained a reputation as a versatile soprano specialising predominantly in the interpretation of early and contemporary repertoire. 

Learn more about Anna.

Luke Byrne

Luke is a Sydney-based composer, musical director and pianist. Recent commissions include Capricorn and Desert Sea for Sydney Philharmonia, Storm Bird, Buruwan Elegy and Birinyi for Gondwana Indigenous Children's Choir with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Where Sails Once Flew for Adelaide Chamber Singers. Luke arranged the national anthems for the 2015 Netball World Cup and in 2012 was composer-in-residence for Sydney Children's Choir.

Learn more about Luke.


‘All Things Love Thee, So Do I’

Gentle waves upon the deep,

Mumur soft when thou dost sleep,

Little birds upon the tree,

Sing their sweetest songs for thee,

Their sweetest songs for thee.


Cooling gales with voices low,

In the treetops gently blow,

When thou dost in slumbers lie

All things love thee, so do I!


When thou dost in slumbers lie

All things love thee, so do I!

When thou dost in slumbers lie

All things love thee,

All things love thee,

All things love thee, so do I!


When thou wak’st, the sea will pour,

Treasures for thee to the shore,

And the earth in plant and tree,

Bring forth fruit and flow’rs for thee,

fruit and flow’rs for thee.


Whilst the glorious stars above,

Shine on thee like trusting love,

When thou dost in slumbers lie.

All things love thee, so do I!

When thou dost in slumbers lie,

All things love thee,

All things love thee,

All things love thee, so do I!

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