‘Home! Sweet Home!’

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It may come as a surprise that the expression ‘home, sweet home’ originates from a song title.

One of the most popular songs in the English-speaking world in the 19th century, ‘Home! Sweet Home!’ is from the opera Clari, or the Maid of Milan (first published in 1823). With words by American John Howard Payne (1791–1852) and music by Englishman Henry Rowley Bishop (1787–1856), this tune was heard drifting from homes and concert stages across Australia, Britain and the United States over many decades.

The song was made particularly famous in Australia by visiting English opera diva Anna Bishop (1810–1884), the composer’s estranged wife, who caused a stir when she arrived in Australia in 1856 for a series of concerts in which she featured with her lover, Napoleon’s former harpist, Nicolas-Charles Bochsa.

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Meet the performer

Amy Moore

Lyric soprano Amy Moore moved to Australia from the UK in 2015.  An accomplished soloist and ensemble singer, Amy enjoys a broad repertoire, with a particular focus on Baroque and contemporary music.

Learn more about Amy.


 ‘Home! Sweet Home!’

’Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home!

A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there,

Which, seek thro’ the world, is ne’er met elsewhere.

Home! Home! Sweet, sweet home!

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!


An exile from home, splendor dazzles in vain;

Oh, give me my lowly thatched cottage again!

The birds singing gaily that came at my call,

And gave me the peace of mind dearer than all.

Home! Home! Sweet, sweet home!

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!

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