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Enjoy a personalised experience and join our Sydney Living Museums guide as they lead you through our historic houses and museums. 

Whether it’s convict history, Sydney’s working class heritage or tales of crime and justice, each of our museums and historic houses has its own fascinating and unique stories, waiting to be brought to life.

You can book a one hour tour for groups of ten or more. With tailored start times we can arrange one of the below tours or tailor content suited to your needs. All tours are led by one of our dedicated and knowledgeable Sydney Living Museums guides.

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  • One hour tour
  • Dedicated guide
  • Tailored start time from 9am–5pm, 7 days per week
  • Choice of one of the tours below or we can tailor content to you
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City Museums group tours

Museum of Sydney

Museum of Sydney on the site of first Government House

For 57 years first Government House was the centre of the social, ceremonial and political life of the colony of NSW. Positioned on the same site today, the Museum of Sydney protects the fragile remains of this deeply significant and symbolic site, and tells ongoing stories of Sydney and its people. The Museum’s galleries host a changing program of exhibitions exploring this diverse city.

1. Sydney: Convict Colony to Global City - 1 hour tour

Sydney is a city with a complex, curious and at times confronting history.  At the Museum of Sydney, discover the history of first Government House and the stories of the people and events that shaped the city that we know today. Hear the fascinating stories of the First Fleet Ships, be surprised by what Sydneysiders could purchase in the early colony, learn about the construction of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and see Australian history through the eyes of contemporary Aboriginal artists.

2. Underworld: Guided tour of the current exhibition (until 12 August 2018) – 1 hour tour

Descend into Sydney’s seedy underworld in our new photographic exhibition revealing the dark side of Sydney in the Roaring Twenties. Bring your tour group to visit the exhibition on a personalised tour and hear the stories related to the unique set of images known as ‘The Specials’.

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

The World Heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks is one of the most significant convict sites in the world. A crossroads for tens of thousands of people, it played a central role in the world’s largest and longest-running system of convict transportation.

1. Convict Sydney: Life at the Barracks & beyond - 1 hour tour

Tried, convicted and transported to the other side of the world; discover how convicts lived and worked in early colonial Sydney. Hear how convicts living at the Barracks toiled in work gangs, suffered difficult circumstances and sometimes gruelling punishments, but how many also found their way to freedom.

2. Convicts & Immigrants to World Heritage - 1 hour tour

Discover the rich and layered history of this World Heritage Australian Convict site. From male convict barracks to female Immigration Depot and asylum for destitute women, to Government offices and courts, the Hyde Park Barracks has moved with the times for the past 200 years.

The Mint

Governor Macquarie’s ‘Rum Hospital’ opened in 1816. Financed with 45,000 gallons of rum it provided 200 beds for convict patients. By the 1820s the hospital’s prime location and a shortage of other public buildings meant that it was in demand for other uses. In 1855 it was opened as the Sydney Royal Mint, the first overseas branch of London’s Royal Mint. 

1. Rum Hospital to Royal Mint - 1 hour tour

Hear about how the importation of 40,000 gallons of rum resulted in these buildings becoming known as the ‘Rum Hospital’, and the dark history that led to its convict patients calling it the ‘Sidney Slaughter House’. Discover how changes made here after the discovery of gold in NSW converted the site into the first overseas branch of the British Royal Mint, that produced 150 million gold sovereigns.

Justice & Police Museum

The Justice & Police Museum is a historic complex of two courts and one police station dedicated to telling the story of policing, crime and the courts in New South Wales. Groups can choose to take a walk on the wild side with our crime-focused tour or to uphold the thin blue line on our police history tour.

1. Murder most foul – 1 hour tour

Delve into Sydney’s sinister history in this tour of the historic courts at the Justice & Police Museum. Hear the stories of two murderers, the bushranger Captain Moonlite and ‘the mad dentist of Wynyard Square’ Henry Louis Bertrand in the courtroom where they once appeared.

2. Cops and Robbers – 1 hour tour

Take a tour of the 19th century water police station and police court to discover what it took to maintain law and order on Sydney’s seedy waterfront. Listen to the story of the 1894 Bridge Street Affray during which the officers from the water police station battled on the city streets with a group of ferocious thieves, forever changing the course of Sydney’s policing history.

Susannah Place Museum

Located in the heart of The Rocks, Susannah Place is a terrace of four houses built in 1844. For nearly 150 years these small houses with tiny backyards, basement kitchens and outside wash houses were home to more than 100 different families.

1. Susannah Place stories – 1 hour tour

Visit the authentically re-created houses and discover the stories of the people who lived here and were part of this once tight-knit working class neighbourhood.  Meet the family who struggled through the Great Depression; the Irish and Greek immigrants who made a new home in The Rocks and the family who operated the ‘cheap cash’ grocer shop. 

A few things to know before you visit:

The museum consists of four terrace houses with small spaces and steep narrow stairs. Tours can be adapted to reduce the number of stairs for visitors with restricted mobility. The houses are not accessible for wheelchairs.

2. Around the block – 1 hour tour

See the Rocks neighbourhood through the eyes of the residents who have lived at Susannah Place. Discover the playground built to keep children off the streets; the local pubs where waterside workers gathered and how the area survived the slum clearances and redevelopment plans of the last century.

A few things to know before you visit:

This tour includes a visit to one of the Susannah Place houses and a 20 minute walking tour around the local neighbourhood. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat/umbrella. The houses have steep narrow stairs inside and outside. Gloucester Street is a dead end street with metered parking. Coaches are advised to drop off and pick up on the corner of Gloucester and Cumberland Streets.


Group tours should be booked at least 10 days in advance. Not all tour options are available every day of the week.

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