Other properties

Sydney Living Museums also owns a number of significant historic homes and properties. These are either on long term lease, or in the process of being refurbished in order to be leased.


Built: 1831 - 1837
Architect: John Verge
Status: Leased to Australian Institute of Architects

Saved from demolition in the 1980s, Tusculum represents a highpoint in Regency architectural design in Australia. It is one of only three houses designed by the fashionable colonial architect, John Verge (1782-1861) to have survived in the Potts Point area - along with Rockwall and Elizabeth Bay House.

Throsby Park

Built: c1821-1834
Architect: Unknown
Status: Leased privately

Dr Charles Throsby, who had already established himself at Casula from 1811, took up the 1000-acre grant and built a small timber cottage. Unfortunately, he did not survive to see the construction of the grand colonial house on the hill.


Built: c1835 - 1836
Architect: Unknown
Status: Undergoing conservation works 

Beulah, on Appin Road south of Campbelltown, is a unique property that combines elements of both heritage and environmental significance.

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Cleared road in bushland with truck in distance, with man on extendable platform at tree top level.


Beulah access road worksMonday 1 December 2014

View across dam and paddocks to rural homestead.


Reinstating Beulah's windows and doorsTuesday 23 September 2014

The SLM Heritage Team is currently working on reinstating the windows and doors into the Beulah homestead, a project being undertaken with the heritage architect Nicholas Powell and members of the local Appin Men's Shed group.

View along fence with two people wearing PPE working on half-trimmed hedge with shed and ute in background.


Trimming the hedge at Throsby ParkFriday 25 July 2014

Watch the Sydney Living Museums' gardens team cutting the hedge lining the drive to the stables at Throsby Park.

Entrance to Throsby Park, with sandwich board and driveway in foreground.


Throsby Park Open Day successMonday 5 May 2014

Throsby Park opened its doors to visitors yesterday and by the end of the day we had shown over 350 people through the old house, stables and garden.