Education at Hyde Park Barracks Museum

An education experience at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum brings students face-to-face with history, immersing them in experiences that are active, imaginative, critical and reflective.

Our curriculum-based programs focus on student-centred learning and are delivered by highly-trained staff. They offer unparalleled opportunities to investigate primary sources, including archaeological material, and to immerse students in an original historical setting. Your students will experience the sleeping conditions of the convict hammocks, handle leg-irons and learn how to investigate the building itself for evidence that informs them about the past.

Historical inquiry and object-based learning underpin our approach to education. Students work like historians to locate, analyse and evaluate a range of sources to shape their own understanding about what life was like for the convicts who lived at the Barracks and how that experience changed over time. They will also investigate the impact the convict settlement had on the Aboriginal people and the environment, increasing their capacity to empathise with a range of perspectives.

The Hyde Park Barracks Museum offers education programs for both primary and secondary students. For more information about each program:


Temporary closure of Hyde Park Barracks Museum

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks will be closed during terms 1–3 in 2019 for a major renewal project. The museum will reopen in late 2019. A suite of exciting new education programs will be available from Term 1, 2020.

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