Image reproduction at SLM: Terms & Conditions

  1. Permission to reproduce from the photographic material supplied is dependent upon the full acceptance of the conditions listed below and will be abrogated automatically if any conditions are infringed. 
  2. Where SLM does not control all the rights, SLM will inform the applicant of any further rights that need to be cleared.  Permission in writing to reproduce from copyright holders (if applicable) must be obtained by the applicant and a copy provided to SLM before images will be released for reproduction.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain this permission if required.
  3. Images are supplied only for the reproduction as stated on the application and may not be used for any other purpose without first obtaining permission to do so from SLM. On receipt of full payment for all costs and fees, a permission letter will be provided by SLM and returned to the applicant for their records.   
  4. Payment of invoices must be made in full before the release of the photographic material.  Payment will only be accepted in Australian dollars by EFT or credit card.  Bank transfer fees must be paid by the applicant.
  5. Images may not be cropped, bled, overprinted or obscured by print or other text, or altered or manipulated in any way whatsoever without first obtaining permission from SLM.
  6. Images to be published electronically must be at a resolution unsuitable for publication-quality printing.
  7. Images must be reproduced accompanied by the full caption as supplied by SLM.  For any alternation or abbreviation of the caption, permission must first be obtained from SLM. It is the responsibility of the applicant to acknowledge a creator and their work correctly in accordance with the moral rights sections of the Australian Copyright Act
  8. SLM reserves the right to refuse to supply material or to withdraw approval, where the context of the reproduction is deemed to be unsuitable, inappropriate or contrary to the interests of the creator or SLM.
  9. SLM requests one complimentary copy of the publication or production for our library.  This should be sent to the attention of:

Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection

Sydney Living Museums

10 Macquarie Street




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