Go Back to the Past at Vaucluse House Live Event

Key Information

Cost (GST free)
19 November 2020
Up to 45 minutes presenter-led program including virtual presentation and time for questions
Session Offered
2 pm
Supervision ratios

At least one supervising teacher must be online with the students at all times.

Additional Visitor Costs

No charge.

About the program

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your Stage 1 class on a virtual journey back to the past at Vaucluse House to learn about the daily lives of the Wentworth family and their many servants, and discover how household technologies have changed over time.

As part of this experience, students will meet Annabel Crabb and the Ferrone family, stars of the ABC’s hit show Further Back in Time for Dinner. Students will visit the 1820s kitchen and discover how food preparation technologies have changed, then step outside to the laundry to discuss washing day and learn about the time consuming task of washing clothes by hand, before returning to the house to explore the larder and discover food storing and cooling techniques.

Finally, students will learn how to play children’s games from the past, such as skipping, quoits and hoops, which they can play together at school after the session.  Students will hear from Carol Ferrone and 12 year old Olivia Ferrone, and have the opportunity to ask questions about their first hand experiences of going ‘further back in time’.

The session will be via Zoom and students will engage in polls and have the opportunity to ask questions via Q&A chat.

To continue experiencing the games we demonstrate after the live event, you will need:

  • Hoops
  • Quoits
  • Skipping ropes

Pre-event activity

Ideally, watch the ABC TV Education Further Back In Time For Dinner: Daily Life in the Past episode on the 1900s

Alternatively, understand the ABC show Further Back in Time for Dinner by watching this 3-minute YouTube trailer.

Full episodes of the ABC TV Education series Further Back In Time For Dinner: Daily Life in the Past can be found on ABC iView and ABC Education.

Curriculum links

Stage 1 History


The Past in the Present:

HT1-3 Describes the effects of changing technology on people’s lives over time

Key inquiry question:

How was home life different in the past?


Book via DART Connections.