Virtual Excursions

Our Virtual Excursions bring our museum programs into your classroom, if you can't make it to us in person.
These bespoke programs connect your class live with a museum educator, are interactive and focus on specific curriculum content, concepts and skills.

Thank you for a great experience. We thought it was about as close as you could come to the real thing. The variation of activities and mediums throughout the meeting kept the kids engaged the whole time. Zoe was also fantastic in how she communicated information and the way that she continually involved the kids.

Teacher - Pymble Public School

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Stage 1 | History

In this new virtual excursion, your Stage 1 class will connect live with a museum educator and discuss how food was grown, stored and cooked in the past, in the 1820s kitchen at historic Vaucluse House. During the early years of the New South Wales colony, this house was the home of the Wentworth family and their many servants.

Students will see what’s growing the kitchen garden; investigate how technologies for preparing food have changed from the 19th century to today in the kitchen and dairy; learn how to make butter, so they can make their own and find out how good it tastes on a piece of bread.

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Children standing in front of RHE cottage.


Stage 1 I History

In this interactive virtual excursion, your Stage 1 class will connect live with a museum educator and discuss what life was like for rural children in the early 1900s. Students will investigate the lives of Annie and Ena Sherwood, two young girls who once lived in a small workers cottage on Rouse Hill Estate, and learn about household chores and technology from the past.

Students will also experience a school lesson in the Rouse Hill school house and investigate a range of objects from the time. Finally, they will discuss leisure time for children in the past and how toys have changed and learn how to make their own handmade dolly peg toy.

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Image of an artwork by Aboriginal artist Gordon Syron


Stage 2 | History

In this new virtual excursion, your Stage 2 class will connect live with a museum educator and learn about first contacts between Aboriginal peoples and colonists that arrived as part of the First Fleet and aboard other ships in the early years of the colony of New South Wales.

Students will examine a range of historical sources including artworks and Aboriginal cultural objects and explore the impact of these new arrivals on the Aboriginal peoples of Sydney and the local environment.


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Two men dressed in convict clothing.


Stage 2 | History

In this new virtual excursion, your Stage 2 class will connect live with a museum educator and learn about how convicts lived and worked at the Hyde Park Barracks in the early 19th century.

Students will examine historical sources including the World Heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks building and discover what Sydney was like when convicts arrived at the Barracks. 

They will also see how the bricks from which the Barracks was built were made by hand; and see clues left behind by convict brick makers.

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Two girls dressed in costume in large dormitory style room.


Stage 3 | History

In this new virtual excursion, your Stage 3 class will connect live with a museum educator and learn about female Irish orphans who migrated to Australia in the 1800s and stayed at the Hyde Park Barracks. 

Students will look at the factors that led the women to migrate from Ireland, what their journey was like and what happened to them once they were here. They will view the current exhibition and a range of historical sources, including some of the objects these women brought with them. Students will consider the importance of oral history and complete an empathy activity based on the migration experience.

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Assorted fragments of cloth, bones, teeth, pipes, a rat, shells, rope and a coin found under the floor at Hyde Park Barracks during the Convict period


Stages 3 & 4 | History

This new history skills based virtual excursion program is focused on analysis of source material to understand historical events and  peoples.

It is based at two Sydney Living Museums’ sites, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks and Susannah Place in Sydney’s Rocks area.

Students will investigate the archaeology of both sites as well as other relevant primary sources.

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An actor dressed as Captain Moonlite languishes in a police holding cell.


Stage 3 | History

Students will connect live with a museum educator to investigate the significance and effect of the gold rush in New South Wales - including the rise and fall of bushranging.

How did the discovery of gold drastically change the colony's fortune? And what role did the Royal Sydney Mint play, in revolutionising Australia's economy?

During this interactive program students will see objects, artworks and documentary sources - working like historians to indentify and evaluate evidence.

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Sessions for home-schooled students

Special sessions are reserved for home-schooled students in 2022:

Cost: $10 per student per session.

Minimum of six students required for each session.

Tuesday 15 March

Wednesday 8 June

Thursday 1 September

Tuesday 22 November


Go back to the past at Vaucluse House

Originally a live-streamed event, you still have the opportunity to take your Stage 1 class on a virtual journey back to the past at Vaucluse House to learn about the daily lives of the Wentworth family and their many servants, and discover how household technologies have changed over time.

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