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This mourning brooch memorialises John Terry (1806-1842), husband of Eleanor, nee Rouse (1813-1898). They married at St John’s Church Parramatta in May 1831 and had five children, two of whom died in infancy. Both John and Eleanor were born in New South Wales: Eleanor was the daughter of free settler Richard Rouse of Rouse Hill House and John was the step-son of Samuel Terry, an extremely wealthy emancipated convict known in his own lifetime as the ‘Botany Bay Rothschild’. John Terry owned substantial property at the time of his marriage including an estate called Box Hill, near Windsor, a property that had originally belonged to his step-father. John died at Box Hill, apparently from injuries received through a fall from his horse. The mourning brooch gives the details on the back: John Terry, died 25th November 1842, aged 36 years. The glass enclosure in the front of the brooch contains a lock of brown hair tied with a piece of blue thread. 

Photograph: Jenni Carter, 2008
Rouse Hill House & Farm
Brooch, 1842 Brooch, 1842 Brooch, 1842
Hamilton Rouse Hill Trust Collection