Julian Rose house, designed by Harry Seidler 1949/1950.
A family photo album donated to the Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection, documents the construction of an architectural icon – the Julian Rose house, designed by architect Harry Seidler in 1951. Read on to find out more about this fascinating house.
Rose Seidler House, 1950: View from north-west
Rose Seidler House, built by Harry Seidler between 1948 and 1950 is regarded as an iconic example of Modernist domestic architecture in Australia. The house is in excellent condition, and retains many of its original features, including original furniture sourced by Harry Seidler in 1948 or designed specifically for the interiors – such as the hovering sideboard designed by Paul Kafka for the living room. 
The clock at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum
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Woolshed, Rouse Hill House and Farm
The Woolshed at Rouse Hill Estate, constructed c. 1858, is an example of the type of ‘rude’ timber farm buildings that can be found throughout rural Australia. These building are usually uncomplicated structures, built using materials readily available and often have a naïve, simple character.