Autumn Blooms at Meroogal

A bright purple flower which has small yellow disk florets in its centre

A purple Zinnia is one of the many flowers currently in bloom at Meroogal Photo © Scott Hill for Sydney Living Museums

Last week I visited Meroogal to find the gardens draped in fabulous Autumn colour.

Our local horticulturist, Gail has been doing a fantastic job of taking care of the gardens at Meroogal and the plants are showing off their colours in appreciation. A lot of horticultural thrift has gone on in the gardens; Gail has been busy trading and collecting from neighbours to fill the beds with period appropriate plants, which are often hard to find. Several of the Gerberas, with the thin petals no longer found in new varieties, were collected from a neighbour who had a large collection of old fashioned plants. The Zinnias meanwhile were grown from seed gathered from another local Nowra gardener.

Take a look at some of the highlights from the garden here:

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